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Get advice from the more 2 life Advice Service

Request a callback from a specialist who will check that your home qualifies, before booking your appointment with a fully qualified adviser. 

The importance of advice

Before taking out a lifetime mortgage, you need to speak to a specialist adviser. Getting tailored advice from a qualified expert is important; that’s where the more 2 life Advice Service can help.
They’ll be able to:

  • Explain the different options in more detail.
  • Show you what a plan is likely to cost.
  • Carry out the application process.

The more 2 life Advice Service offers fee free advice to help you find out if a lifetime mortgage with more 2 life is right for you. Their fully-qualified, expert advisers have full knowledge of the more 2 life plans available. They’ll get to know you, discuss which features are important to you and, on your request, find the plan that suits you best.

Involving your family

We recommend involving your family or friends in the advice process, as they'll be able to ask questions and make sure you get all of the important details. If you have children then it's important to discuss your options with them.  

Things to consider

If you are thinking about going ahead, please read 'things to consider' to get all of the facts.