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At a glance

  • A wide range of product features and lending options
  • Generous lump sum and drawdown facilities available
  • High Loan to Values
  • Capital repayment option

Plan features


We regularly offer cashback deals on our products - although the exact amounts and timings of these deals are subject to change so please speak with a qualified financial adviser to check our current deals.

Downsizing Early Repayment Charge Exemption

This feature is desgined to added peace of mind should the property be sold and the loan repaid in full due to moving to a property that does not meet our lending criteria.

After an initial period of five years, the loan can be repaid in full as a result of such a move without incurring any Early Repayment Charges.


We offer some of the most flexible drawdown terms and the highest facilities available on the market. With Loan to Values (LTVs) of up to 55.5% and no restrictions on when or how often the remaining facility is accessed, we offer more choice in terms of the timing of retirement lending. Minimum drawdown amount is £5,000.


more 2 life pioneered enhanced lifetime mortgages - offering higher loans in respect of lifestyles and/or medical conditions likely to shorten soneone's life expectancy. Through our Tailored Choice Plan, we offer LTVs of up to 55.5% to those who answer a simple 'Yes' to one or more of just 13 health questions.

Fixed ERCs

The Early Repayment Charge on the Capital Choice Plan is based on a simple sliding scale over the first 10 years of the loan, with the charge being 5% in years 1 - 5, 3% in years 6 - 10 and 0% from year 11 onwards.


We currently offer the most flexible partial capital repayment feature avaiable on the market. The 'flexi pay' option on our Capital Choice Plan allows repayments of up to 10% of the initial advance each year, free of Early Repayment Charges, from day 1 of the loan, with a minimum of £50.

Guaranteed Inheritance Feature

Our Guaranteed Inheritance Feature (GIF) is automatically included with both our Tailored Choice Plan and our Capital Choice Plan when the full loan available is not taken. It protects a percentage of the future value of the home (equal to the percentage of the unused facility) for the beneficiaries of an estate. Under our Capital Choice Plan, this benefit is restricted to a maximum of 50%.

Lump sum

For those seeking a lump sum, perhaps for a specific purchase or debt repayment, we offer very high loans (up to 55.5% of the value of the home) and great rates of interest.


  • Are your plans suitable for me?

    You will need to speak to an adviser who specialises in equity release first to see if equity release is the right soluton for you. We have listed some of the things to consider before taking out equity release here, but your adviser will be able to make a suitable recommendation based on your personal circumstances.

A Wider Choice

For more information about things to consider before you take out equity release, please click here »


Tailored Choice

Our Tailored Choice Plan provides a medically underwritten lending solution, with one of the best drawdown facilities on the market.


Capital Choice

Our Capital Choice Plan allows for up to 10% of the capital to be repaid each year, with no Early Repayment Charges.


Flexi Choice Drawdown

Our Flexi Choice plan allows you to take one or a series of lump sum payments


Flexi Choice Drawdown Lite

Our Flexi Choice Drawdown Lite Plan is a drawdown lifetime mortgage with a competitive rate of interest