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Leaving something to your family after you pass away may be very important to you – if so, you’re probably  looking for a lifetime mortgage that makes it easy to protect part of the future value of your property.

Our Guaranteed Inheritance Feature is a simple and flexible option.

You can protect a percentage of your home’s future value to leave to your beneficiaries with the more 2 life Guaranteed Inheritance Feature, which is automatically applied to eligible plans.

Guaranteed inheritance is a proportion of the property’s future value, so it will benefit from any increases to your home’s worth. It could also be negatively affected if the property value decreases. The inheritance that you can  guarantee will reduce if you choose to drawdown additional sums in the future.

It's important to remember that a lifetime mortgage will reduce the value of your estate. It could also affect your entitlement to means tested benefits. A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home. A qualified adviser will be able to explain how a lifetime mortgage works in far more detail. To find out more, please read our 'things to consider' page.